imagesThere are many ways to bring in income on a domain name, even though it may not be substantial at first to do this full time. Beware of get rich quick schemes, where what seems too good to be true may be just that. Here are however, some of the few ways that site owners are slowly tricking in profits with minimal effort:

Blogging – may seem a little off on a parked domain, but it’s not unusual for articles and relative information to be planted on these sites. The information brings in traffic, and when these visitors come on a regular basis, they are sometimes prone to clicking on affiliate ads which are discussed below:

Affiliate Ads – can be added on a website without much effort. All you really need to do as a site owner is add the codes supplied by the advertiser or middle marketing software. This program usually works each time someone clicks on a product or buys something as a direct result of clicking on the ad. There are also usually tracking codes applied in order to keep tabs on who clicks and from what ad or page.

Reviews – if you own a domain name that is related to a certain niche group, be sure to add reviews of products that pay by connecting with comparison paid review sites. You can also add polls and contests that can be done through coding and third party sites.

When these practices are combined on several domain names, the profits can be more.

Making Money from Parked Domains

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