Techies, entrepreneurs and engineers are trooping to Silicon Valley and converting the beach destination to a tech hub welcoming of start-ups and the branching out of already established companies. Silicon Valley is now Silicon Beach, where wave surfing is now web surfing.

Silicon Beach is welcoming start-ups and the branching out of seasoned companies. It has an eclectic vibe unlike any other city: while the aura and the people are relaxed and perpetually sandy and wet, the tech market place is active and exuberant.

Mecca of Start-Ups

Hundreds of start-ups are spotted building their names on this side of Los Angeles. Hulu, Snapchat and Demand Media crowd around the beautiful scene of Santa Monica, Venice and Playa del Ray. Big names are also branching out to where the sun is.

Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros and The Walt Disney Co. launched startup accelerators here to help small and local entrepreneurs. Google, YouTube, Facebook and Microsoft have long since settled in their offices around Silicon Beach, as well.

With the influx of major companies, mid-size businesses and start-ups, the city of Los Angeles hired its first chief technology officer, Peter Marx, who was Qualcomm’s former executive. The city seems to be seeking to duplicate what turned Silicon Valley into a mecca of society-shifting and immense wealth.

So Long, Silicon Valley

The vibe here is different. It’s far from Seattle’s air, where Microsoft and Amazon took shape. It’s unlike New York, the hub of all things major. Silicon Beach’s park chic is graffiti murals. Spaces for bikes are also allocated for surfboards. It says vacation, but it also says work.

Silicon Beach’s purple sunset and palm trees seem to be the unlikeliest backdrop to tech success but everything looks and feels good. With the local government’s support and the inspiring vibe, Silicon Beach will soon be what Silicon Valley was to high-end commercial capitalism.

Epoxy TV, social media software maker founder Jason Ahmad was quoted saying, “It’s very different to be at the heart of Venice than to be in the heart of Mountain View.Culturally, it’s just a vastly different place.”

Prosperity Breeds Success

The prosperity is resulting to several benefits although it also caused a slight upshot in terms of cost of living. Small homes in San Francisco cost no less than $1 million and tiny apartments range from $2,500 to $3,500 per month.

These prices make Silicon Beach all the more enticing for start-ups. Los Angeles is all about affordable living without compromising scenery, activity and lifestyle. Silicon Beach boasts a great market, an amazing culture and a sun that never stops shining.

The Rebirth of Silicon Valley