Formerly known as DOMAINfest Global, the tradeshow says it offers “attendees an impressive roster of highly respected speakers.”

downloadOne of these respected speakers happens to be reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who is going to deliver the keynote. I think I would have preferred one of the godaddy girls over Ms. Kardashian.

Exactly what connection she has to the domain industry and how she qualifies for the keynote is a mystery. An even bigger mystery will be the subject matter of her speech.

It should be interesting to see how she manages to weave domains into her story. The official Webfest agenda says that Kardashian will “share stories about the challenges and strategies involved in building her brand and her empire via mainstream, social and mobile media.”

Consider it reality TV at its best, and watch it live to find out what happens next.

Apart from the Kim Kardashian show, the conference agenda includes live and online domain auctions by Moniker, and discussion panels on a variety of subjects that are of interest to domain buyers and sellers.

One panel will talk about the new gTLDs and IDN gTLDs, and highlight the risks and opportunities therein. Another one will discuss domain monetization options beyond parking.

There will be a workshop on how to negotiate a fair price for a domain. A panel on search engine optimization will discuss SEO best practices and strategies to avoid being bitten by the Panda and the Penguin updates. It will also discuss how to get over the negative impact of these updates.

The last day of the conference is mostly about mobile, with panels dedicated to acquiring and converting mobile users, and another discussion on mobile ad trends.

When is Webfest Global?

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