What can Skype do?

Skype is a powerful tool which enables users to make calls via their computer or mobile device to anywhere in the world via the internet.  Many millions of users enjoy Skype in many different countries.  Skype is a simple to use application which installs on your computer or mobile device at no cost, once installed you can begin calling friends and family using Skype at no cost!  Calling landlines and mobile phones is also possible to hundreds of countries for very low prices.

Why can’t I use Skype?

Skype is available in many countries however, some countries block Skype and other VoIP applications.  Countries which randomly block Skype may include: China, Syria, Iran, Iraq, UAE, North Korea, Singapore, India and many others.  Even if Skype is not blocked in your country, it may be much more expensive.

Skype charges their rates based on the country where you are.  For a USA user to make a call to the USA it is very cheap, just a few cents, however, for an Indian user to make a call to the USA it can cost as much as $0.14 cents.  As you can see, Skype is must more expensive if you are calling from another country to another country.

How can a VPN help?

     With a VPN services you appear to be in the same location as the server.  Once you are connected to our VPN services, Skype will think you are in the country you select.  We offer servers sin many different countries including: United States, Canada, Italy, France, Australia and many more.

For example, if you want to enjoy a low Skype rate on a call to your friends in the USA and you are not in the USA, you would connect to a VPN and pick a server in the USA.  Once connected, you open up and use Skype normally.  Skype will think you are located in the USA and automatically charge you the lower price of USA to USA calls.

The amount of money you save in just a few calls justifies the price of our easy to use VPN.  However, our VPN is useful for many other reasons including security & privacy and even video streaming for sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC Player, Channel 4, Channel 5 and many more!

Unblock Skype to Enjoy Cheap VoIP Anywhere in the World!

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