If your company is in need of a domain name to get on the web you should call or go online to visit them today. My company’s website is hosted through and in the five years we have been using them for our web hosting we’ve never once had a problem, in fact, me and everyone in our office has been so pleasantly surprised by the level of service we get from it is hard to imagine having our website hosted through anyone else.

The thing we all love so much about the support and service you get from is twofold. First, each and every person who works for is a valued member of their team, there are no slackers over there. Anyone you talk to is a professional and at the top of their game when it comes to web and IT support. Usually this means you get some awkward, anti social and mostly rude person on the other end of the phone who is most certainly not an expert on dealing with people and customers. However at you can get your company’s SSL certificate from a professional who not only knows their stuff inside and out, but also can help you better understand the entire process from start to finish and do so in a genuinely nice way. To illustrate this, I’ll share with you a story I have and you can see for yourself just how helpful they can be.

My story begins just after Thanksgiving almost exactly a year ago today. We were getting ready for our big “Black Friday” sale that was going on in our online marketplace the following morning and prepping for some major traffic. We were a relatively young startup company back then so it was unclear just how much traffic we would get that day, the previous year was busy but nothing we couldn’t handle. However in the months leading up to the sale we had done some pretty extensive research and marketing so we were expecting a big turnout. As I ate my Thanksgiving dinner I periodically checked our freshly minted site for glitches and to ensure that everything was up and running smoothly. At about midnight I went on one last time just to make sure there were no problems and I saw a huge error message on the home screen that said “site is overloaded, down for repairs.” I almost cried when I saw this.

The first thing I did was get on the phone and called and one of their team members, Terry picked up the phone. I explained frantically that our site was just hours away from one of the biggest shopping days of the year and we needed it to be up and running and FULLY functioning by the time morning rolled around. He kindly told me that he would trouble shoot the problem until a solution was found. A few hours later the site was up and running thanks to his hard work. I would recommend anyone in need of domain names to call and experience that level of service and commitment for themselves. Review

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