Google_Cloud_Print_logoHere is an idea what to do if you are tired of managing DNS servers. BlueCat Networks’  Proteus Cloud Services is the first managed DNS service to offer IP address management (IPAM) hosted in the cloud.

The service is hosted by Afilias infrastructure and enables companies to outsource DNS management and security tasks into the cloud. 15 top level domains are supported.

The advantage of talking your DNS into the cloud? BlueCat promises more security and protection from painful distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. Larger organizations may also be interested in handing complicated in house DNS management to someone else and pay a fee for the service. BlueCat says its technology is ready for IPv6 transitions.

The package offered by BlueCat isn’t exactly cheap for small companies, but if you depend on your web business and it is growing at a healthy pace, cloud solutions are getting very interesting even at a level down to DNS management.

IP Address Management in the Cloud

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