Internet Explorer integration is by far my least favorite part of developing web applications. I had this nice little java applet that was working fine in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. (basically WebKit and Mozilla browsers) but would annoyingly sit and seemingly load forever when viewed through Internet Explorer (7).

ieI was loading the applet with some standard javascript:

Taking a look at the java console output, all I see is “APPLET tag missing CODE parameter”… not very helpful, as I clearly should be writing the

to the page just fine.

As it turns out, this happens to be a jQuery related issue. And while I’m not sure of the exact reason for it, I suspect it has to do with how it fires events after the document is done loading. The applet loads when I take out jQuery, and dies when I add it back in.

My workaround was simply to write the html tags into a js variable, and then stick it into an empty div after the document was ready using jQuery’s $(document).ready() function:

 And low and behold, it loads right up in Internet Explorer now. Hope this saves some of you some time.
Internet Explorer APPLET tag missing CODE parameter

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