imgresSavvis this morning posted the results of a new survey, which indicates that decisions makers and executives are more and more looking to the cloud as a way to recover from the global economic downturn.

68% of 600 IT and business “decision makers” said they will have to do more with less budget and are therefore looking to the cloud as a possible way to cut cost and enable more flexible IT provisioning. Commercial and public sector respondents predict cloud use will decrease IT budgets by an average of 15%, with some respondents expecting savings of more than 40%.

76% of the same decision makes say that cost-restrained access to IT capacity has prevented them from developing or piloting projects. 55% said that this remains an issue. Cloud platforms are generally are seen as a way out of this dilemma.

It is somewhat amazing to see how far the cloud has come: 96% of respondents in the survey said that they “are as confident or more confident in cloud computing being enterprise ready now than they were in 2009,” which clearly shows that the cloud computing topic is closely followed. 70% of IT decision makers are using or plan to be using enterprise-class cloud within two years.

Singapore is leading the shift to cloud, with 76% of responding organizations using cloud computing. The U.S. follows with 66%, with the U.K. at 57%.

Also noteworthy is (in unrelated news) that PaaS provider Heroku, which hosts ELC – developedSweetyHigh, has announced four add-ons for NoSQL database services that especially appeal to developments for Twitter, Facebook, Apple iPad and iPhone. The new add-ons available are CouchDB from Cloudant, MongoDB from MongoHQ, Membase/Memcached from NorthScale and Redis. The features address the handling of huge amounts of loosely structured data, a document-oriented database technology with full index support, higher performance in databases, as well as Redis server management.

Cloud Moving Into The Enterprise Fast

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