Running a website takes more than knowing how to design one. There are back-end considerations that you have make. One of those considerations is which web host to use. A web host is essentially your business partner to your company. This is the guardian and caretaker of your website. The integrity of your website will depend heavily on how reliable your web host is. So, you can see why you have to make your decision thoughtfully and carefully when it comes time to choose a host. The advice below will help you with your decision making as you make that the choice.

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One of the most important things that you want to know is your web host’s up time. If the host has a lot of server problems, that means the servers will be down quite a bit, which in turn means your website will be down. Imagine walking by a store and always seeing the “closed” sign. You will begin to wonder if the store is in business at all. You do not want to give your customers that impression. Choose a web host with an up time close to 100% and you will know that your business is always open.

Good customer service is worth everything. What good is it if you pay a cheap rate for a cheap hosting account, but it does not offer you good service when you need it? Reliable customer service should include live phone support for urgent matters and email support for non-urgent issues. Response time should be quick. Customer service should be available 24-hours a day as well.

Look at the features that the hosting plan offers. Do they fit your current and future needs? You may need limited storage now as you are starting out, but what happens when you expand? A good host should allow you to upgrade hosting plans seamlessly, applying the unused portion of your subscription fees to the new subscription. Flexibility in expansion will come in handy in a couple of years when you web business becomes more successful.

The same consideration should be made to the amount of bandwidth that you will need. As your site traffic increases, you will use more bandwidth. So, that is another area where you should make sure that flexibility is built in for expansion.

hostingThe better hosting plans provide one-click add-on features for the most popular applications, like a shopping cart, a blog, a discussion forum, etc. See if these features are offered, if not at the basic level, than at the higher levels.
Ask them if they allow multiple domains in one account, and how many you are allowed to have. It is very likely that as your company expands, you will need more websites. Find out about this ahead of time to make your expansion easier.

Knowing that you can depend on your web host frees up your time from worrying to building up your business. Keep this advice in mind, and you will find the perfect web host for your business.

How to Choose a Reliable Web Host

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